The benefits of Self Catering Accommodation in Ballito

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When visiting Ballito, self catering accommodation should be considered as an option for your stay. Whether visiting by yourself, with a family, for business or for pleasure, self catering accommodation in Ballito will give you an experience that no tourist guide can offer.

What is Self Catering Accommodation?

Self catering is the term most often used to describe self-contained holiday accommodation which has facilities for guests to prepare their own meals. Self catering venues are more spacious than Hotel or “B and B” accommodation and provide space for living and relaxing as well as a kitchen, in addition to bedrooms and bathroom(s). Many units have their own patio, braai area or balcony. It offers a unique “home away from home” holiday.

The benefits of Self Catering Accommodation

  • The cost of self catering accommodation is very often lower than many other establishments, as it is a cost per unit as opposed to a per person rate.
  • Real living space, usually a living room and kitchen facilities as well as bedrooms and bathrooms. There may also be a balcony, patio or braai area.
  • Facilities to allow you to do your own cooking and catering, which can really help your holiday budget. This is especially important if you have “fussy eaters” or food allergies.
  • More flexibility than is available with a hotel. You can come and go whenever you want, feed yourselves whenever you want, and if you choose big enough accommodation, you can host your own guests for a few days.
  • If you have young children or babies, you can feed the children at any time, and to be able to feed them what they will eat. You avoid the dreaded time in the hotel restaurant when the kids don’t want to eat, or don’t want to eat what is available!
  • You have complete flexibility when it comes to what time to go to the beach, visit the game park or go shopping.

So if you are going to be visiting Ballito, consider the self catering option. There are magnificent apartments and units in gated estates that are available for very reasonable prices. So if you are looking for self catering accommodation in Ballito, let help you find your ideal unit. Browse our self catering holiday rentals to find your ideal space.


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