Top 5 things to do on your North Coast holiday

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Just over two million visitors flock to the North Coast every year and with good reason to. Apart from the sun, sand and relaxation, the North Coast renders a comprehensive selection of activities to holiday goers and locals alike. From dining with dangerous sea predators to meeting feline celebrities, Kwazulu-Natal is definitely not exclusively for sunbathing and relaxing on the beach. 

1) Moses Mabhida Stadium

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change” 

Visit Moses Mabhida Stadium’s skycar and look at Durban from a new perspective. Built in 2010 for the Soccer World Cup, the stadium offers a myriad of fun activities to get the heart pumping. The most popular of which is The Sky Car, a steel cabin that runs up the tracks of the stadium’s arch, allowing you a 106m vantage point to lookout over the beautiful expanse of Durban. However, for those seeking more of a rush, there is also the Big Swing Ride, the tallest swing in the world, which entails jumping into the 106m void above the stadium and swinging out in a 220m curve below the iconic Stadium arch. Contact number: 031 582 8222.

2) KZN SA Art Gallery

Nestled in the heart of Glenwood, the KZN SA Gallery is a lovely option for a Sunday brunch with a pinch of culture and sophistication. Entrance is free, the coffee is exceptional and the cheesecake is out of this world; not to mention that it features the works of prominent South African artists such as Isaac Sithole. So, visit 166 Bulwer Road or Call: 031 277 1705 for your dose of holiday ethnic enlightenment. 

3) High Tea at The Oyster Box with the famous Skabenga.

Treat yourself to a glamorous afternoon high tea on the balcony of the famous Oyster Box hotel, visit for the lavish assortment of cakes and amuse bouches and stay for a picture with Durban’s fluffiest celebrity, Skabenga. 10 years ago, a stray cat waddled into the Oyster Box for a spot of milk and prawn cocktail, however, he never left and has now been adopted as the hotel’s main attraction and public figure. The tea costs R220 per person and booking is imperative: 031 514 5000.

4) Tuck into a bunny chow

The humble bunny chow has become an iconic symbol of the North Coast and the melting pot of cultures that the area encompasses. With a story dating back to the 1940’s when migrant Indian workers were brought over to work on the sugar cane plantations in Kwazulu-Natal and used hollowed out bread as a means of carrying their lunches to work. So, while you’re on holiday, act like a local and grab a mutton bunny from the many restaurants and takeaways which offer this tasty, gravy soaked morsel. 

5) Ushaka Marine World

A must-do when visiting the North Coast, Ushaka Marine World offers a range of activities to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. It is the 5th largest aquarium in the world and has dolphin, seal and penguin shows available as well as an extensive choice of sea life to view. More so, the Wet n’ Wild section has an interesting array of water rides, some of which are not for the feint hearted and tickets cost R199 per adult and R149 per person. Ushaka’s Cargo Hold Restaurant is perfect if you’re looking for a romantic dinner with dangerous sharks circling you, at Ushaka’s Cargo Hold Restaurant: 031 328 8065.

Or, if your holiday starts to leave you feeling a bit too lazy, why not hire a bike and cycle the Golden Mile which begins at Ushaka Marine World and ends at Suncoast Casino. Bike hire is R50 an hour and can make for an enjoyable leisurely afternoon cycle along a beautiful stretch of sea and sun. 


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